Spectrum XLI is the complete above ground inspection system for buried pipelines, offering a consolidated solution for mapping and inspection techniques – many which can be done in a single pass over the pipeline. ECDA programs include: ECDA Programs Include: Depth of Cover, Leak Surveys, Depth of Water, Coating Survey – ACVG /ACCA, Cathodic Protection, and Corrosion Potential Survey – DCVG

Spectrum XLI offers multiple Field Solutions including a wide variety of hardware and equipment used in various surveys. Our Configuration Solutions include the integration of multiple survey systems in one pass, and our Software Solutions allow for state-of-the-art processing and management of data collection.

Dial Before You Dig

Not only does the Spectrum XLI System provide you with a large variety of survey possibilities but it can also be used for underground utility locates. These utility mains may include (but are not limited to) lines for telephones, electricity distribution, natural gas, and even national defense communication lines. For utility companies, Spectrum XLI makes locating these mains easy with pinpoint precision.